History of the institution

Museum – history of the institution 

Museum in Foca was founded on 3rd of february  1956, by decision of the People’s Committee of Foca municipality. Museum has changed its name several times, so it was Museum of People’s Liberation struggle, Native museum, Museum of Southeast Bosnia, Museum of Foca period of People’s Liberation struggle, and by decision of Municipal Assembly of Foca in 1998, gets today’s name Museum „Stara Hercegovina“. Museum has a rich museum collection, with dominated items related to World War II, and also  collecting historical material from the Old Herzegovina area. In the gallery space  temporary exhibitions of  different thematic character are being organized. Currently three permanent exhibitions are exposed: Foca in the past, Etnographic exhibition, Foca period of People’s Liberation struggle/10 days of Foca’s republic.  You can  also see exhibition of Sutjeska battle.

Memorial room of fallen soldiers and civilian victims of the Defensive Patriotic War is temporarily placed in a museum.